We think along with you intensively.

Regardless of whether a project comes to us via a technical drawing, as an idea, or as a part that needs to be replaced, before our engineers start working on your order, they make it a point of honor to ensure the process runs as efficiently as possible in our production.



Do you need to develop and manufacture precision mechanical tooling to support your production? Do you want to optimize or customize a mechanical part, to improve your production efficiency or quality?

Our project engineers delve into your mechanical challenge with you and design a sustainable tailor-made solution, not only through inventive and feasible CAD design, but also through adjusted material or treatment choices, reverse engineering, cam calculation, standardization, etc.






Is your design finalized, and does the challenge now lie in the complexity of the specifications or the project requirements? At this stage, our engineers prepare the most efficient production method that will ultimately deliver the required quality.

As an integral partner for your mechanical projects, we carry out the critical and high-precision operations in-house, while relying on expert partners for heat and surface treatments. Technologies that we do not possess internally are outsourced, provided confidentiality requirements are met. Where possible, we automate our internal manufacturing processes during this phase.


Manufacturing and Quality Control

Our objective remains, of course, "making critical components according to specifications."

Stewal has over 50 years of experience, a team of skilled technicians, a range of technological software, versatile and high-end machinery, robots and pallet pools, as well as a climate-controlled measuring lab with multiple CMM’s and scanners.



Even after design and engineering have been rationalized, we offer added value in the supply of your prototypes, recurring parts, and small to medium series. Depending on your requirements, we can also provide measurement reports, material certificates and/or conformity certificates.

Our ERP system and warehouse enable us to set up logistics formulas for your recurring parts according to your needs, such as JIT, make-to-stock, vendor-managed inventory, or customized contracts with semi-finished products.

The main industries we are active in

Our key software for top performance
3D CAD and CAM software
3D scanning software for CMM
Software for reverse engineering and digitization
Software for calculation and fabrication of dynamically optimal cams
ERP software for project tracking
Our specialties

High-end precision parts

Dies and die parts

Cams (Including calculations)

Welding according to EN15085-2 standard

3D and multi-axis machining

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Feed worms and Archimedes screws.


Your project

Are there currently ongoing or upcoming projects where collaboration is possible? We will gladly listen to your needs and discuss how we can offer added value to your company.

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Companies that chose us