The Evolution of Stewal

Since our founding in 1970, Stewal has built a rich history in precision engineering and manufacturing. While our core business has remained unchanged, we have evolved with the industry. We began as specialists in precision parts for the textile industry and molds for plastic bobbins. Today, we are leaders in the production of machine components and injection molds for various industrial sectors, ranging from textiles and pharmaceuticals to aerospace.

Our projects are often critical and require full traceability, precise measurement reports, and meticulous certification management.

We focus on clients who need high-quality instruments, components, and molds. Our strength lies in combining deep knowledge with advanced technologies in both the design and production phases. We primarily deliver prototypes and small series of critical mechanical parts for both production equipment and end products.

The Evolution of Stewal
'Our Market Advantage'

At Stewal, we distinguish ourselves by being more than just a manufacturing company. We combine our expertise in precision mechanics with our clients' sector-specific knowledge to find the most optimal solutions together. Our involvement in diverse sectors continuously expands our knowledge, enabling us to assist our clients better with an out-of-the-box mentality.

Internally, we ensure that products and components, regardless of quantity and complexity, undergo the most efficient production methods. We are equipped with robotic automation and other advanced technologies to achieve this. This allows us to produce quickly and cost-effectively without compromising on quality.

Production and quality control are core values at Stewal. Every component undergoes strict quality control before leaving our company, ensuring it meets our clients' needs seamlessly. This eliminates the need for incoming inspection, further enhancing efficiency and reliability for our clients.

An-Sylvie en Sofie Steenhoudt

'Our Market Advantage'
Our History

Establishment of a toolmaking department (as diversification) within Wallaert Freres Benelux (now DMC Group), a North-French sewing thread manufacturer with a branch in the textile city of Ronse.


Relocation of this toolmaking department to a new building in the newly established industrial zone 'Klein Frankrijk' in Ronse.


Management buy-out of the toolmaking department by the initiators of the diversification within Wallaert Freres, Mr. Steenhoudt and Mr. Wattaert. The N.V. Stewal is born.


Start, in collaboration with KU Leuven (mainly UZ Leuven, campus Pellenberg), of an R&D project aimed at enabling the production of Belgian hip prostheses. This evolves into a system for developing and manufacturing intra-operatively customized hip prostheses.


Splitting of Stewal into several business units: Stewal NV (toolmaking), Stewalindus NV (management, buildings, and grounds), and Stewal Implants (medical activity of hip prostheses and associated surgical instruments).


Mr. Wallaert retires. Hugo Steenhoudt acquires full ownership of the Stewal group.


Doubling of company buildings at IZ Klein Frankrijk.


Daughters Sofie and An-Sylvie Steenhoudt join the Stewal team.


Sale of Stewal Implants. Sofie and An-Sylvie Steenhoudt take over the leadership of Stewal.


Innovation project for the development of a cell for dynamic and rapid milling of miniature precision parts.


Visit of Prince and Princess Philippe and Mathilde to Stewal on 27/3/2007.


New and expanded climate-controlled metrology lab.

Stewalindus invests in 1001 solar panels. Stewal derives 1/3 of its electricity consumption from this solar park.


Establishment of a new welding organization and achievement of the EN15085-2 certification (CL2 - P) - Stewal becomes a welding manufacturer for railway applications.


Passing of Sofie Steenhoudt amidst the coronavirus pandemic. An-Sylvie Steenhoudt continues the company alone and acquires all shares.


Commencement of a 3-year VLAIO development project: 'An integrated 'first time right' methodology for burr-free and high-quality fabrication of precision mechanical parts.


Passing of Hugo Steenhoudt, the founder of Stewal and father of An-Sylvie and Sofie Steenhoudt.