Stewal offers specialized welding services according to the EN15085-2 standard, a critical benchmark for the railway industry. Our welding projects begin with careful planning and preparation to ensure all specifications are precisely followed. Our certified welders have the expertise and experience to create complex weld joints that are both strong and durable.

We utilize advanced welding technologies and equipment to ensure that every project meets the highest standards of safety and quality. During the welding process, we conduct thorough inspections and tests, including visual inspections, metrological inspections such as measuring notches, throat heights, leg lengths, centrality of the weld, and so on, to ensure the integrity of the weld joints.

At Stewal, we value continuous improvement and innovation. We regularly invest in training and technology upgrades to ensure our welders stay current with the latest techniques and best practices. Our commitment to excellence makes us a reliable partner for high-quality welding solutions in the railway industry.

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